Blacmav Presents Fear Itself - From All Angles

by Blacmav

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What's goin' good people! Okay let's go back just a lil' bit.. the year...1994.

3 young teenage boys happened to cross paths on the 1st day of school in September. One was from the Langdon Park neighborhood, the other from Brookland, while the latter was a transfer student from Southern California. The school was McKinley Tech Senior High and the location was The District Of Columbia....Washington D.C. to be exact!

See D.C. was a simple place back then. You had to know how to navigate your surroundings, know how to hold your own playing the dozens (joanin') and most of all know your music! Now Go-Go and R&B music was the city's go to at the time...but we soon found out that Hip-Hop was our thing!!! From skipping class to freestyle rhyme while making makeshift beats with a piano in the auditorium, 2 pencils & a chair (don't ask lol), we quickly realized how much love we had for the music. Soon out of this friendship, a collective was formed, which we referenced to now & again as...Fear Itself.

As time moved on, we each graduated from McKinley HS and entered society as young adults. We earned our stripes, sometimes the hard way (don't we all??), but the lessons were learned just the same. When life began to pull us in different directions, we made it a priority to keep in touch. Along the way, the guy from Brookland had a cousin, who began hanging out whenever 'the crew' got together to rhyme over instrumental beats and some homemade ones too. Sometime after, that cousin introduced one of his good friends into the fold.

Now shift back to present day. Here are 5 men. Black men who have their own views regarding their lives and the social climate of the world today. Even more so, we all have seen the overall state of what's regarded as true Hip-Hop music decline. The messages in the music, initially driving us to love the art form, have since faded away with the exception of a few artists who continue to let their torches burn for the culture. We also see a void where Hip-Hop for the people in our demographic that have a genuine love for music of substance.

Well as the common saying goes...."Don't talk about it, be about it!!"...

With that being said, I introduce to you...

Mr. Clif, Hvnli Tier (pronounced Heavenly Tear), Northeast Beast, Average Joe and myself Blacmav.

We are Fear Itself..

..and this project is From All Angles!!!


released August 19, 2016

Shout outs from the crew..

Mr. Clif -
Special shouts to Mom, Pops, Bianca, Star, Angie, Beans, Nic, Lex and the whole fam!!!! What up Ryan, Quette, Malik (Starxilla and Sickstein), Perfecto, Keith (RIP), Marcus, Dunzo, Ed, Ruck, Mus and Ekue!!!! What up Drea, Mun, Boom, Smack, J (all three of y'all lol), Leesh, Brandice, Dukes (Kenyon and Kwam), Droopy, Bush, Wop, Animal, Mark "THE GOD" Breezy, D Mo, Brandon (Miller and Carter)!!! What up Rob, Columbo, Justin, My Verbal Armageddon fam (Nelson, Amar, Puda, Shak, Rah V, World B Free, Ike, Bluntz, Caledon, etc.)!!! What up Dennis, Suede, Tash and the whole Earkraft crew!!! What up Will, Rashad and the Riverview crew!!! I have to stop or I'll be naming people all day!!!!!!!
#LoveYall - MR.CLIF

Hvnli Tier (Pronounced Heavenly Tear) -
Shout out to all my brothers from other mothers that made this project come to life. Thanks to my parents for giving me life to bare witness. Love and thanks to all the supporters. To the mind that needs to be refined, erect your mind from a 6 to a 9, peace in all four corners!
Shalom, Saloem, Salaam and Sahaaloem!

Northeast Beast -
Without God nothing is possible, so praises to the Most High! Shouts to my Fear Itself family. Thanx for believing in me and loving how I've grown with my craft to even have me apart of this project. Also, to my mother, I love you. All family and friends, its waaaayyy too many to name!!! Much love to Lorna Pinckney and The Verses Crew, Prowess The Testament, Ardamus, the homie Rich (DjRsimms), Chris Brooks (gippy, gippy lol!) and the Radio, Suckas Never Play Me fam and everyone that is supporting this movement!!

Average Joe -
I would like to give a shout out to my beautiful black people for being the inspiration of my art. I will do my best to tell our stories in the most eloquent way that I am capable.

Blacmav -
I would like to thank my wife and my parents for their support, even in times of my own ignorance. Thanks to those that continue to encourage me not to give up on my art form, friends old and new. You know who you are. Thanks to those that continue to give me guidance in a world that can be crazy at may not know who you are, but you are greatly appreciated as well!! Can't forget my main man Phil Bofah!! Thanks for choosing to listen to HONEST music!!! I feel the world needs more of that to heal the hurt we all have within us. Hopefully our messages are received and we can begin to truly work alongside one another.
Let's claim our youth back instead of condemning them.
Each one, teach one is paramount for our survival.
Peace. Mav



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Blacmav Capitol Heights, Maryland

Self taught musician that loves creating good music in all forms, especially boom bap hip-hop. Currently working on first LP, looking for singers/rappers/spoken word artists to work with. Contact me @blacmav on twitter

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